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No one wants to be charged with a criminal offense, but when it happens, an experienced attorney is crucial to defending you. Regardless of the offense, an experienced attorney can represent you in court and prime you on what to say to put your best foot forward in your case.

Felonies, Misdemeanors, DWI's, Appeals 


Employers and employees alike can benefit from the services of an attorney specializing in employment law. These attorneys handle discrimination cases, wage disputes and much more. Whether you’re an employee questioning unfair hiring practices or an employer looking for a way to terminate an employee legally, obtaining the services of an employment law attorney can help.

Unpaid Wages, Discrimination, Wrongful Termination


Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships

From navigating divorces to establishing cohabitation agreements, many issues surrounding families and relationships need the guidance of attorneys to mediate disagreements and establish fair settlements. Family law attorneys can be useful in a number of different situations that may arise during the course of your life, including divorce, child custody and inheritance disputes.


Lawsuits can be filed for a number of reasons, but you will always need the assistance of a well-qualified and experienced attorney to represent you in court. The attorney can help you win the settlement that you deserve in any type of civil case you may undergo. If you’re being sued, a civil litigation lawyer can help to defend your interests.

Fraud, Breach of Contract, Defamation


Contracts, Mergers, Business Law

From negotiating contracts to protecting the interests of shareholders, business attorneys provide vital services to new and established businesses. Whether you’re hiring an attorney full-time or consulting with one for a specific issue, no company should exist without the services of a dedicated attorney.


In many instances, cases need to be reviewed...

Case Review, Reversals, Petitions

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